A site for me to write about stuff. Well, except about anime. My writings on anime, movies, and books will be going to my anime weblog. This site will be my output for my other interests, including music, technology, or politics.

Is it dead yet?

Yeah... I haven't been too active here in... years... Heck, wasn't that active before then either. Probably will wipe this drupal install and setup a pure HTML landing page at www.nickistre.net that largely will describe me (selfie text?) and point to other sites related to me. I.E., if I decide to setup a blog again, it'll probably go under blog.nickistre.net.

Also looks like my anime site is gone, but my anime viewing has dropped significantly anyways. It'll probably remain dead unless I get back to watching again.

Ubuntu 10.04 and Jupiter

I've been experimenting with Jupiter (currently version 0.0.51) on my Ubuntu 10.04 notebook to see if I could improve the battery life on this old System76 Serval (version 5). Though there is the applet built in Mono to that is accessible to the user to quickly adjust a few options, the real meat are the scripts it places under /usr/lib/jupiter that are run a notebook is placed on AC power or not.

Unfortunately, it looked like the scripts were not detecting whether the notebook was running on AC or battery power properly. While looking around those scripts, I think I found the problem in /usr/lib/jupiter/scripts/state. In the script on line 10, it looks for an AC device in /sys/class/power_supply that contains either a ADP or AC in the name, and on the next line it points to the online file in that device.

Unfortunately, on my Ubuntu 10.04 setup, there was no device with that name, only the battery was shown with the name BAT0. In this device, there is the file status available that seems to contain either "Discharging", "Charging", or "Full" (and possibly other states) depending on the current status of the battery.

Upgrading to Drupal 7

Finally made the plunge and upgraded this and my anime blog to Drupal 7, skipping 6 in the process. It's been running Drupal 5 for way too long and an upgrade was long overdue.

Hopefully, I have some time to fix the now-broken [img_assist...] tags in the old entries. Too bad there was no upgrade path for that feature.

Mining, Crafting, and mapping

[img_assist|nid=192|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=63]As might be obvious from the title (and the tags), I've been somewhat hooked on Minecraft for the past few weeks. I have a private multi-player server for just my girlfriend and me, and I've taken to experimenting with various map-generating software so to visualize where to build structures next. I've ended up settling on two packages, both Python-based.

.htaccess and Subdirectories

Well, in interests of getting some content on this rather dead blog, I figured I should post what I just figured out in terms of how to setup a .htaccess file to handle a website that actually setup in a subdirectory under the main webroot directory.

Running on Fiber

I am now running off of LUSFiber Internet. We picked out the top tier with its 50 Mbps symmetrical connection1. Of course, after getting it setup, I couldn't help but run some speed tests on it from speedtest.net2:

:jawdrop: ... I thought I was on 50 Mbps symmetrical? Oh well, I'll take it!3 :)

  • 1. with 100 Mbps to connections inside the LUS fiber loop
  • 2. the system seems to want you to pick the Baton Rouge server, but I couldn't get the speeds past 5 Mbps down or up there. The Dallas, TX server, on the other hand...
  • 3. This definitely is strange, unless that particular server is considered to be within the "100 Mbps" local loop for some reason...

Computer and Other Updates

It's been a while since I last posted here. Just a short little update on a few things. First of all, I've changed employers; I'm currently developing in Flex, which has been an interesting and fun learning experience. I use Flex Builder 3 as my development Environment, but since the Linux Beta of it is somewhat limited at the moment, I've end up running the Windows version on Windows XP Pro in a virtualbox on my work laptop.

Eating Fiber later this month...

Emails from LUS1 announces that Fiber service may be starting this month. I can't wait.

The MMO Economy

I'm no economist to tell if it's close to the mark, but The Rampant Coyote's MMO analogy to the current economic crisis is quite entertaining, if nothing else. And depressing, also.

Barack Obama, President-Elect of the United States of America

My hat's off to you, Mr. Barack Obama, for your win for the 2008 Election for the President of the United States of America1. I hope you run our U.S. Executive office as well as you've run your campaign. I will be right in the line to complain if you don't2.


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